Flower Arrangements for the perfect Wedding

Choosing flowers for some brides can be a daunting task and for others that have a very clear set of ideas, quite simple. Most brides fall somewhere between the two.

The flowers you choose are a personal statement of the look and colour that ties into an overall theme. We at Deseos (Spanish word for wishes) try and help you choose flowers that best suit your style and personality and suitability for the venue, time of year, budget etc.

Some flowers eg Peonese(on many bridesĀ“s wishlist) are only Ā available from late April to early August. Hydrangeas are also seasonal and can be very expensive as are Peonese. Fortunately we have quite a large variety of locally grown flowers to choose from and a selection of flowers from Holland and beautiful roses from Central America.

We at Deseos endeavour to provide you with a simple, cost effective and original solutions for all your bridal flower requirements. We have an international, multilingual team that will go the extra mile to make your day beautiful.

Catalog of wedding arrangements.